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49 Seater and 50 Seat Coach Hire

49 Seater and 50 Seat Coach Hire

The Wakefield city is one of the most vibrant and colourful cities in this country. Mainly because it has a lot of natural sights, parks, museums, bars and clubs, landmarks and much more destinations to explore. At Coach Hire Wakefield, we are experienced enough to know all the details about each destination and we can also show them to you by our 49 seater and 50 seat coach hire services. For now, let us describe you a couple of its most interesting places that you might not be aware of along with the facilities that our coaches can provide.

One of the most appealing places in the Wakefield city is the Unity Works club which provides the most entertaining shows with a delicious menu of food recipes and a staff that is expert in hospitality. You can find the most popular bands of the city performing here. This place looks very small at first sight but it is huge from inside. The building is very beautiful with nicely maintained footpaths to walk on. They organise various events from time to time and the parking space is big enough to park your vehicles comfortably. But you will not have to think about parking if you are visiting this place with our 49 seat and 50 seat coach hire services. You can contact us at Coach Hire Wakefield to know more about this place.

If you are a teacher looking for a destination to explore with your students, we have good news for you. The West Riding Small Locomotive Society is a fascinating place to keep you busy and entertained all day long. Sunday is the most recommended day to visit this place. There are a lot of miniature trains to ride in and have fun. There is also a clubhouse and a huge parking space.

This place is also recommended to arrange the birthday parties for children. The train rides are also very cheap and the staff over here is very helpful. The best way to visit this place with your large travelling crew is coming here by our 49 seat and 50 seat coach hire . Contact us at Coach Hire Wakefield and we will provide you with a lot more information about this place and also suggest you many more places like this. Let us describe the benefits you will derive from our services.

At Coach Hire Wakefield, we know the importance of your time and comfort. That's why we have placed the pushback fine leather seats along with durable seatbelts in our 49 Seater and 50 seat coach hire facilities. We have enough storage in our coaches to keep all of your luggage safely. We even provide overhead racks for small size bags and separate storage facilities for your delicate items. The overhead heating system is sufficient enough to keep you warm during the days of winter. We also give some bonus facilities like free Wi-Fi connection, charging sockets, and a fridge to keep your drinks cold and fresh.

The drivers of our 49 seater and 50 seat coach hire services are experienced enough to be aware of all the routes of this city. We have also provided them with the high connectivity cell phones to navigate using applications to find out the roads with less traffics so it will save your time.

You can also stay in touch with them by phones while you are exploring a destination outside the coach. The booking procedure at Coach Hire Wakefield is very easy and you can contact us by email, telephone, fax or smartphone. Customer satisfaction means a lot to us so feel free to contact us regarding anything you want to know about our services or destinations of this city. Have a nice day and bon voyage.