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Coach Hire Wakefield

The Wakefield city is the city of dreams because it has so much to see, so much to do, and so much to learn from it. It has seen millions of tourists over the years and it continues to amaze everyone who visits its beautiful destinations. Coach Hire Wakefield has gained a lot of experience by taking its customers to this beautiful city in the most hassle free way. It is not feasible to explain every bit of our experience and every detail of this adventurous city over here. But we will definitely refer you a couple of amazing places to visit along with the facilities we provide in our coach hire services.

Wakefield Coach Hire

Your tour of the Wakefield city cannot be called complete without visiting the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. You can experience a variety of art exhibitions and well decorated galleries along with mouth watering food that this place provides. This park has a huge collection of Henry Moore artefacts and there are many sculptures made by other artists as well. There is the garden, walking field, wildlife and bird watching as well. All in all, this place is best for having a family picnic and you can also bring your travelling crew here to relax and enjoy the art with nature. We can facilitate you a detailed tour of this place by our coach hire services as soon as you contact Coach Hire Wakefield.

Another fascinating place to explore is the Nostell Priory and Parkland. This place is blessed with a beautiful lake and a garden as well. You can enjoy walking with your pet animals while looking at the amazing scenery. It even has a playfield so the kids will not be disappointed with this place. The house over here is a great example of architecture and it is recommended that you don't come back without visiting it. It's a place that can be enjoyed by all age groups. At Coach Hire Wakefield, we can book a budget friendly tour for you. We don't want to spoil your curiosity by telling everything about this place so let's move on to the benefits you derive by hiring our coach hire services.

Comfortable & Reliable Coaches

The seats are very important part of a coach that can make or break your touring experience. We certainly understand this fact at Coach Hire Wakefield and we have equipped our coaches with the fine leather pushback seats that ensure the utmost comfort of the user. We have also made sure that our seatbelts are durable enough to ensure your safety during the journey. The storage capacity of our coach hire services is enough to place all of your luggage comfortably and still give enough space to you and your kids to move around freely in the coach. In addition, we also provide overhead racks to keep your mini bags near to you so you can reach them immediately anytime you wish.

There are many bonus facilities that we benefit you with at Coach Hire Wakefield. For instance, the WiFi, the power sockets, and the fridge facilities are absolutely free during the journey. We also empower your journey with the best quality DVD players along with the stereo speakers so entertainment won't be an issue at all. You can even play your favourite songs during the tour.

Trusted Coach Drivers

Our drivers are efficient enough to know all the routes of the city and experienced enough to take you anywhere you want in the safest possible way. The booking procedure of our coach hire services is very simple and you can contact us through any popular medium of communication like telephone, email, fax, or mobile phone. Your satisfaction is our success so feel free to contact us if you have any question regarding our coach hire services. We will be glad to respond to your inquiry. Have a nice day and bon voyage.

Minibus Hire with Driver

Wakefield is a city located in Western Yorkshire England. It was the host of Wars of the Roses and a stronghold for the Royalist during the Civil War. Due to navigable River Calder, the city became an important market town and center for wool. During the 18th century, the city traded in coal mining, textiles, and corn. At the onset of the 19th century, the city was a prosperous market town as well as an inland port trading in wool and grain.

Coach Hire Wakefield is a company the aims at offering outstanding minibus hire services around the city and beyond. We have been in business for years availing the best transit services in the region. We avail both corporate and personal transportation services at an affordable price without compromising on the services we render. The residents have subscribed to our services because of its superiority and keen on their budget. The relationship created has enabled us to go beyond each client specification and has been championed throughout the years. We provide services within the borders and extend depending on the contract signed. Our fleet of Minibuses come fully packed for a safe journey with unique features that ranks us high.

Luxury & Executive Minibuses

The outer part of the minibuses is well patterned and decorated to lure our customers to this one of a kind traveling companion. The seats are perfectly leathered and adjustable to your desired level, and as you set foot in the minibus, the real fun begins. The temperature is regulated with an air conditioner with an inbuilt refrigerator to cool your drinks. You don't have to worry about accessing new notification or email updates in your social media accounts, we have installed an active WiFi that will keep you browsing, and if you want to boost your battery power, we have a power plug to recharge your phone or tablets.

Highly Equipped Vehicles

Our minibus is boredom free as you can watch your favorite programs or the latest news trending globally with our huge flat screen well designed in the bus. Play you favorite album with our DVD player and enjoy the soothing music that will rock your traveling experience. For your luggage, we have an overhead storage compartment for small bags and a larger one for bigger ones.

Coach Hire Wakefield is a company that is committed to availing polished services; we stream our fleets from manufacturers who are well known in building quality locomotives. We carry out routine inspection on the fleets to ensure they are in good condition and safe for your journey.

Our staff is composed of dedicated individuals who blend perfectly with professionalism and ready to serve you. We hire the best there is in the market, and it's mandatory for our drivers to have a clean record with the local authorities. If you are not familiar with the route in the region, our drivers will make sure you get to your destination on time and at the precise location. The Minibus is satellite monitored, and together with the skills, the driver has you can be sure you will get to your destination safe and sound.

Easy Booking Hire System

Early booking is one of the core essentials for a safe journey. We are capable of providing a well maintained fleet even on short notice but to shun any inconveniences we recommend early booking prior the traveling date to avoid any last minute rush. Early Booking will help us admit you to one of the finest hotels in town if you are not familiar with the city.

Feel free to contact us via phone call, email or visit our online portal to make your quotation ready within a few minutes. We are always at your service as we operate 24 hours a day and throughout the week.

Our Wakefield Services

Wakefield Coach Hire have expanded in all over the UK so we can reach you with convenience in almost no time. There is no aspect of travelling in the UK that we are not aware of and our mini coach hire can facilitate you a quality travelling experience that you will never forget. We are known for our hospitality and excellent service. With hundreds of efficient people working as a team at Coach Hire Wakefield, you have nothing to lose and once you give us the opportunity to serve you, we know how to make the bond between us last forever.

Luxurious Coaches

At Coach Hire Wakefield, we can facilitate you a wide range of regular, exclusive, and luxury mini coach hire ready facilities to serve you at your doorstep and all you have to do is contact us by your telephone, fax, email or smartphone. From smallest to largest, our coaches include as many numbers of seats as the demand of your travelling crew. Along with the size and quantity, we assure the quality as well. All our seats are crafted with superior quality seat leather to provide supreme comfort to all age groups. Our durable seatbelts will facilitate your safety along with comfort.

We give you more coach per coach by our bonus facilities at Coach Hire Wakefield. Our mini coach hire services include a large number of exclusive facilities that will make you feel like home in our coaches. We give you the cutting edge DVD players having advanced operating system along with the high quality stereo speakers that will make your journey musical. You will have all the control over them as you can also play your favourite tracks during the tour. Our mini coach hire services also provide you with a fridge with the superior cooling system so you will not have to bother about keeping your beverages cold and fresh.

Plenty Of Storage

Storage is no issue at Coach Hire Wakefield because our mini coach hire services empower you to include all your luggage in our coaches and still give you enough space for you in order to move freely in the coach. We also facilitate you with the overhead racks that will enable you to keep your smaller sized bags near to you so you can reach them anytime you wish during the journey. Our separate storage facility is given to take your extra care and keep your delicate items safe and secure.

At Coach Hire Wakefield, the days of winter are not an obstacle when you are travelling with our mini coach hire facilities because we also serve you with an overhead heating system to keep you warm when the weather is cold. There are plenty of power sockets in our coaches for you to charge your electronic equipment such as mobile and trimmer so you can come with almost zero preparations. We can even customise our services for you so you can always ask for any extra facility you need and you will get it as soon as possible.

Skilled Minibus & Coach Drivers

The drivers of Coach Hire Wakefield are experienced enough to be fully aware of all the routes and we have also provided them advanced gadgets such as mobile phones with high connectivity and navigation trackers. Our mini coach hire services enable you to contact our drivers through their phones even while you are exploring your favourite destination outside the coach.

Not only they will drive skilfully and safely, but they will also take you to your destination in the smartest way possible and avoid the roads with more traffic. You can also ask them about any further information about your destination and the local culture because they have been taking people to all over the UK and they have a wealth of knowledge regarding many popular destinations of the country.

The bottom line is, there is no alternative to our mini coach hire services because, at Coach Hire Wakefield, we excel in mastering a lot of vital elements of travelling during the journey like safety, comfort, entertainment, information and enjoyment. We have shown our restless dedication towards providing the best quality travelling experience to our customers and they have also trusted us over the years.

Support For Travel Planning

At Coach Hire Wakefield, we also believe in maintaining the long lasting professional relationship with you so you can always feel free to ask us any questions about our mini coach hire services. We have a large collection of information about all the tourist destinations in the UK so you can always take our help in knowing more about your favourite destination.

If you have a travelling crew with you but you are looking for some beautiful destinations in the country, we can refer you some of the great places with the mini coach hire services that will suit your purpose. Our ultimate goal is our satisfaction so never hesitate to make an enquiry. Have a nice day and bon voyage.

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